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9/11 Another year… and we don’t forget

9/11 Another year… and we don’t forget

9/11 Another year… and we don’t forget
September 12
13:24 2019

Por Eva Reinoso Tejada

Every year when we come to another anniversary of the 9/11 tragedy, we all have that conversation about remembering exactly what we were doing when we heard what happened in New York on September 11th, 2001. We are now remembering the 18th anniversary of this event.

I remember being out of town and being one of the many that was stranded because all airports were closed. I remember vividly the feeling of catastrophe that was lingering in the air. When I was finally able to get back home and go to my office to work, my phone didn’t ring. It was as if everyone was paralyzed, or I should say petrified. The common thought was: What was going to happen? Would there be another World War? Fear was king, and so was terror.

It was a case of well executed terrorism. Successful terrorism. Those who carried on the 9/11 events met and exceeded their own expectations. As we all know, more than 2,800 people died, including many heroes that were rushing into the building when hundreds of people were trying to get out. This is an outrageous amount of people to die in one day and one place, and for the wrong reason.

However, we don’t usually talk about the fact that everyday about 155,000 die in the world, and for a variety of reasons. It is the nature of life. We are born, we grow, we reproduce, and we die. There is no way around it. But when I found out that almost 16,000 children die everyday for hunger-related causes, I started grow uncomfortable with statistics. We got very sad and enraged for the people who died in New York on 9/11, while quietly 5 times more children die from hunger in one day, than the amount of people who died in the towers. I am by no means diminishing the magnitude of the tragedy that took place in New York, I am just trying to reflect on the value of life.

What happened in New York has been analyzed, discussed, and it is always a big question to think if we are ready to prevent something like that to happen again. Causes, consequences, injustice has been studied for what happened to all the innocent people who died there. Wars started after this event, persecution, racial tensions, retaliation, and the fact that we almost have to get naked at the airports.

Now, we are seeing new and different tragedies, in the form of shootings. School shootings, mall shootings, church shootings, anywhere shootings, and without deepening into that topic, I want to make a reflection.

Humans by nature tend to cling to the known. If my neighbor looks different, thinks different, eats and speaks different, I stop liking him/her. Even worse if we worship different. In the history of humanity, there has always been, and unfortunately will always be, rejection to the unknown. This goes hand-in-hand with ignorance. For thousands of years there have been religious and ideological wars, besides the ones driven by ambition. We don’t have to agree with everyone’s ideas, we just need to respect them. The best thing we can do is to accept one another as humans, regardless of creed, color, language and preferences. If we teach our kids to reject others for being different than us, we are perpetuating the cycle of hate and we are passing on to them a burden that won’t help them, but will make their lives harder to live in the world as it is now, and in the future.


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