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Are you toxic?

Are you toxic?

Are you toxic?
May 23
18:35 2019

A few days back I started my routine as usual: Fed my dog, packed my lunch and sat at the Starbucks for a few minutes before heading for work. While there, I quickly browsed emails on my phone, to get a head start before getting to the office. I’ve been told not to do that and instead to read something inspirational or fun and leave the mail for the office. Probably should have listened. I opened an email that triggered me (first mistake). It came from a colleague with whom I do volunteer work. It was packed with bad news and a load of attitude. I got on the phone with her immediately (second mistake) to find out that she had a lot of drama of her own, besides the topic we had in common. I had it coming. I had to drink all the emotional poison that she had prepared and poured for the first person she might come across that day, who happened to be me. After that incident, I spent the day infected with her negativity, sneezing conflict and arguing with everyone around me. I had been inoculated a dose of drama!

Thinking about it now, I lament that she was having drama, but looking into it closer, I think she is just a toxic person. We all have a bit of drama here and there; but it doesn’t justify or validate that we spend our days in a bad mood. I decided to investigate and found a couple of interesting facts: There are different types of toxic people, and we could always be one of those at some point in our lives.

There are the haters (those who live in resentment), who are always exploding, who are always mad at everyone and for whom everything is a problem. Watch out! Hanging out with people like that is contagious. The next category is those who think “everyone is rotten”. Everyone is a bad, corrupt and ill-intentioned person. These people have lost their faith in life and they are very pessimistic. They drown in their negativity and they will grab you to go down with them. Run for your life! For good or for bad, our thoughts are creative forces, and the dark prophecies these people believe will probably materialize for them.

The next category I found on my research are the energy vampires. These people need to be the center of attention to feel loved. They demand their whims to be fulfilled immediately or they throw their tantrum (thinking Trump, for example). The next category, with the most people in it is the gossipy ones. These people’s lives are boring; therefore, it is more fun to talk (bad) about others. Chatting about other people’s misfortunes is the drug of the day. Sometimes we justify this practice by saying: “I just listen, I don’t repeat.” But this is a slippery slope. No wonder why the bible is so packed with stories about how ‘dangerous’ the tongue can be.

I could go on with this, but I am running out of space. The cure for all this is to remove ourselves from people like this. But what if it is our sister, our husband or our mother who behaves in this way? Removal will probably don’t work. That is when we must auto analyze ourselves. How much of those toxic behaviors are in me? What if I AM the toxic one? I believe we have all been toxic at some point in our lives. We must grow in the areas that we need to grow. The only person we can change is ourselves, and when we do that, we will see how those around us change too, because they reflect what is inside of us. The sooner we do this, the quicker we will ‘detox’ and the happier we will be.


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