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“As a Mayor, I would bring the people together”

“As a Mayor, I would bring the people together”

“As a Mayor, I would bring the people together”
September 27
12:57 2019


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Newsroom/El Comercio de Colorado 

Ryan Frazier has a track record in his political career. He is still the youngest man that has been elected councilman in Aurora. He was 26 when he was elected, that he held for 4 years. After that experience in the public sector, this U.S. Navy veteran worked in the private sector where he founded and operated his own management consulting firm. Now, 42-year-old Frazier, seeks to lead the city where he has lived for more than 20 years.

This politician and entrepreneur has a clear vision of the city he wants to lead. Frazier wants that the diversity and the prosperity that the city has, get combined to create opportunities for all those who live in Aurora. “I want Aurora to be the place where you can make it. I would like that all Aurora residents can run a business; get a good job; get a great education; and feel safe at home,” said Frazier.

The solutions

This candidate believes that Aurora must pay attention to transportation. “In a few decades, Aurora will have about 800,000 inhabitants and that forces us to take immediate action to support the rapid transport system,” he said. Frazier proposes to expand existing roads and build new ones, to make it easier to get to the RTD stations. The candidate also wants to build a bridge for pedestrians to access easily the RTD station on Parker Road.

Education is another priority for this candidate. It couldn’t be any other way. Frazier was the founder of High Point Academy, a successful charter school. He is aware that as a mayor he has no say so to make decision on education. But Frazier plans to use his influence to improve teacher’s pay, as a way to retain and recruit quality educators for the public schools. At the same time, Frazier wants to obtain resources to be invested in preschool education.

Immigration enforcement

According to Frazier, the Aurora police is right for not getting involved in enforcing immigration law. “It is not the Aurora Police department’s responsibility to enforce immigration law. It is a federal government responsibility. I need our officers here locally to focus on local issues and keep our neighborhoods safe. The police must establish bonds of trust with the citizens,” he said. However, Frazier believes those who are detained for violent crimes, who don’t have an immigration status, must be transferred to the federal authorities.

Independent candidate

Frazier was a Republican for many years. He served as a Republican councilman. He abandoned the party and now emphasizes that he is the only independent candidate of the five running for the mayoral seat in Aurora. “I became a Republican because I believe in fiscal discipline; in business support; and in the protection of rights. The party does not longer advance those values. On the other hand, I get tired of the current polarized environment in which those belonging to parties other than one’s are disqualified,” he said.

This candidate, who labels himself as an independent, wants to unite people from different social and political sectors. “I want to bring people together so that together we can help build a great city based on the diversity we have around. We must all, Democrats, Republicans and independents, sit down to work and achieve common purposes. As mayor, I want to be a connector and bring people together. And by uniting people I will achieve the objectives “, he explained.

About his opponents

“I have known Coffman for several years. And unfortunately, in Aurora, over half the city does not like him. That is a problem for any mayor that over the half of the city does not like you. In my case, by a ratio of 3/1, the people of Aurora like me. It does not matter if you are a Republican, a Democrat, or independent, 3/1 they like me,” said Frazier.

The candidate also talked about Omar Montgomery. “I got Omar into Aurora’s golf committee thirteen years ago. Omar’s problem is that 85 per cent of the city does not know him. It will be challenged to get people who do not know to come together”, concluded Frazier.


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