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Coffman: “The Trump administration must extend TPS until 2021”

Coffman: “The Trump administration must extend TPS until 2021”

Coffman: “The Trump administration must extend TPS until 2021”
September 27
11:06 2018




Translation by Eva Reinoso Tejada

Mike Coffman has represented the sixth congressional district for the past 10 years. He is seeking his fifth reelection explaining to his constituents the battles he has fought during the 115th Congress. Coffman has introduced 98 bills and supported another 1,622 from other colleagues in the House of Representatives. The first bill he presented was the Bridge Act. This proposal was seeking to extend the benefits of DACA for three more years while Congress continued to work in a more permanent solution.

“I wanted to send a message to the Trump administration from the beginning. And that message was being sent with legislators from both parties and both bodies of congress,” he said. His bill was supported by 50 colleagues. Coffman continued to work on the topic and offered to apply a procedure to force the leaders of the Republican majority (his party) to discuss DACA. He didn’t succeed. “I believe Dreamers must get a path to citizenship. I said that, and I maintain it,” he added.

Who is to blame

Coffman agrees that his party and the Trump administration have stalled a solution to the DACA situation. But he added “I must say that both parties are to blame. When the Democrats had majority in Congress and the White House, immigration reform was not a priority.” This legislator believes there is a new opportunity to make progress on DACA, and an immigration reform. “We must reform Congress. There is too much power in few hands,” he said.

He is a member of a group called “Problem Solvers,” that seeks to change the procedures at the House of Representatives. “There are votes in Congress for immigration reform, but the president of the Judiciary Committee opposes it and the Speaker of the House follows the same line [both are Republicans]. Reforms can be made so that a consensus amongst both parties must be reached in order to make decisions. A small minority of one party can’t hold the Speaker of the House hostage,” he explained.

TPS extension

Coffman has been advocating for the TPS beneficiaries. “A sudden termination of TPS means beneficiaries are faced with the prospect of abandoning home, business, and families they have established in the US, or remaining in the US illegally. TPS holders are productive members of their communities; they pay taxes, contribute to the growing US economy; and are vetted through criminal backgrounds checks” he said. Coffman is asking the Trump administration to reverse the TPS cancelation and extend it until 2021.

About gun violence

The representative for District 6 didn’t dodge the topic of gun violence. “I have encouraged other states to adopt the Colorado program, ‘Safe to Tell’. It has prevented many mass shootings in our schools. Any member of the school community can report information to law enforcement officers. In addition, I encourage all states to pass a red flag law. It is important that police have the authority to remove their firearms from somebody that can be a threat to themselves or to others”. Coffman believes those actions must be left in the hands of local governments.

Message for his opponent, Jason Crow

“You are running for office claiming you will fight for the little guy. But after you left the military you have spent your career defending corporate executives that have ripped off the little guy – including executives that have stolen from schools, pensions, and even defrauded veterans. How do your square your campaign promises to fight for the little guy with your career making money defending people who literally ripped off the little guy?”

Mike Coffman


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