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The hunter got hunted

The hunter got hunted

The hunter got hunted
May 10
11:29 2018

Jesús Sánchez Meleán

There was a party at the oval office on May 7th. On that day, the New Yorker published online an article that revealed allegations of violent acts committed by New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman. This prosecutor is without a doubt the biggest political enemy of the current U.S. President. I can back up this claim with numbers. According to numbers tracked by the media, Schneiderman submitted 100 legal actions against Trump between October 2016 and May 2018.

Imagine how much aversion Trump has against this man. On his Twitter account, the president has called him a cokehead. We don’t know if Trump has evidence to support his claim that the now former prosecutor was a cocaine addict. The president has also called Schneiderman (on his Twitter) a loser, a corrupt and a joke. The animosity is mutual. Schneiderman, who is a Democrat, was the one who placed the first obstacle for Trump a few weeks after the presidential election.

This is the prosecutor who investigated donations the Trump family was making via their foundation. The official ordered the cease and desist of operations for the Trump Foundation because the didn’t have a certification required for organizations of its kind. When Trump took office, the prosecutor landed his first punch by questioning his authority to cut out funding for sanctuary cities. Later, Schneiderman confronted Trump for his travel ban and for canceling DACA.

This man was one of the 15 state attorneys that filed a lawsuit against the elimination of environmental protections. Schneiderman also fought for the coverage of contraceptives by health insurance and he is also investigating Paul Manafort, former head of Trump’s campaign, for money laundering. This investigation by Schneiderman runs in parallel to that being advanced by Robert Muller for alleged collusion with Russia. Schneiderman said he would take action if Trump fires Muller.

At this point Schneiderman won’t be able to help Muller, if he needed it. The morning of May 8th he presented his resignation. It couldn’t be any other way. Four women denounced that 63-year-old Schneiderman physically assaulted them in several occasions during the past few years. All these ladies had been romantically involved with this man at different times. According to their narrative, his pattern of conduct is consistent. He would hit them in bed while being drunk. He warned all the women to not denounce him.

The irony is that Schneiderman is the one who sued movie producer Harvey Weinstein for exploiting and mistreating his employees. The attorney put together the case against Weinstein based on interviews to employees, executives, and presumed sexual assault victims of the movie producer. The text of the court documents indicates that Weinstein created a culture of harassment and intimidation. But, the non-disclosure agreements in place prevented the victims to break their silence.

Schneiderman’s partners, however, didn’t sign any non-disclosure paperwork. It probably was not necessary, since his position of power probably discouraged the women from denouncing him anyways. The alleged aggressor assures that there is no case to denounce. According to Schneiderman, all the sexual games he played with his partners were consensual. And he hinted that the violence that might have occurred was part of a ‘virtual reality’, because he likes to practice ‘role playing’.

This is a typical case where the hunter ‘gets hunted’. This prosecutor will now be involved in a criminal case. Governor Andrew Cuomo gave instructions to immediately open an investigation. The moral of the story is clear, and Cuomo, who was a political ally of Schneiderman, made it clear when he said that no one is ‘above the law’, not event the highest official of the city of New York. Based on this, other high-ranking U.S. government figures should be cautious of their actions.


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