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July 19
14:26 2018

Eva Reinoso Tejada

“Imagine all the people, living life in peace…” That is my favorite line from John Lennon’s iconic song. I have heard it, I have sung it, I have cried over it. I have felt silly about it.

“Imagine there is no countries…” another interesting line. Now, that is foolish. How can there be no countries? What would we do with our borders, and our sovereignty? Especially when we read the news of babies and little kids being ripped from the arms of their [criminal] parents as a punishment for seeking a better future, or just a future at the border. Who thinks that can even be possible? For sure not me. “No countries” is an overreach, just crazy.

“Imagine no possessions, I wonder if you can… No need for greed or hunger,” now, that is a tough one. How can I imagine there are no possessions when the ultimate American dream is framed with possessions? No way I’m giving up my house, my car, and the things I have worked so hard to own. I refuse.

“Imagine all the people sharing all the world…,” now, that sounds communist. And I will not live by that. It is a proven failed system. It might sound great on a song, but in reality, is a disaster, and you must agree with me on this one. Keep it on the song, and far away from my surroundings.

“You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one…” This line is the one that makes me feel stupid. When, from time to time, I wish things in the world were different, I tell myself “Stop dreaming, that is never going to happen.”

I am convinced that this song is “full of it”. Until you hear Raquel Garcia singing it at the “State of the City”, an annual event hosted by Michael Hanckock, Mayor of Denver. Raquel was his special guest, and she was there to sing and surprise everyone with her talent, her voice and what she represents: A young powerful Latina, with unmeasurable talent and passion, singing to us this particular song by John Lennon. Raquel reminded us all what this country is made out of: Dreams. Born in the U.S. from Mexican roots, Raquel reminded us that those who came before her, had a dream that was achieved with tears, struggles and sacrifice, so that one day, she could be singing for us here in Denver.

I don’t think anyone in that audience knew what was coming when she opened her mouth. I have watched videos and pictures of people at the event and studied how their facial expressions changed as the song progressed. It almost seemed as if everyone was singing together with her in their heads and their souls, agreeing with the foolish lyrics of the song, even though no one was moving their lips.

How can we keep singing and listening to a song so full of absurdities? How can we repeat words that we don’t believe? I only see one explanation: Because deep inside, there is something in human nature that is intrinsically good, because deep inside we all have a dreamer and we all are dreamers. And I thank Raquel for reminding us of it, especially in these times when being a dreamer feels like a mistake.


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