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El Comercio de Colorado

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Jared Polis: “My opponent doesn’t bring any ideas to the table”

Jared Polis: “My opponent doesn’t bring any ideas to the table”

Jared Polis: “My opponent doesn’t bring any ideas to the table”
October 25
12:06 2018


Newsroom/El Comercio de Colorado

Jared Polis, candidate for governor by the Democratic Party, brings with him ample experience as a successful entrepreneur, philanthropist and politician. With 43 years of age, Polis has been elected five times as the representative for Congressional District 2 in Colorado. He has sponsored bills in the areas of education, protection of natural resources, and LGBT rights, amongst others. Polis introduced the individual law that made possible the freedom of activist Jeanette Vizguerra. 

This young politician was born and raised in Colorado. He attended Princeton University in New Jersey and upon graduation returned to Colorado to launch several businesses. He created and operated webpages and “When I started my first business, I didn’t have much capital. But it was very inexpensive to start a website. That business was my natural environment. It was fun. I have been a fan of computers since I was a kid,” he said.

For the Hispanics

Two other of his initiatives were related to the Latino community. Polis was the founder of “Cinema Latino”, movie theater that still operates on 6th Ave and Peoria, in Aurora, under the name “Sonora Cinemas.” “These were the theaters where movies in Spanish were being shown in Colorado,” he said. Polis also created the “New America School,” a charter school that also helps new immigrants to learn English. Polis was the superintendent for this school.

“I learned a lot by being in contact with the education community and by contributing to a good education,” he said. It is not a surprise that Polis considers education a priority for his government. “I will promote universal free preschool education in Colorado. Every child in the state must have access to a high-quality preschool.” He also said he will promote access to affordable higher education.

An innovator

Polis confessed he really enjoyed his years as an entrepreneur. But he gradually moved to the field of politics. “In 2000, I was elected to the Colorado Board of Education. I spent 6 productive years working to improve public schools. That was a non-compensated position that took a couple of days a month. The rest of the time I was managing my businesses. I was ready for full time public service in 2008 when I sold my businesses,” he said.

At this point in his life, Polis could retire and travel the world. Instead, he has a new challenge at the public sector. “I believe there is a great opportunity to achieve great goals in the public sector when you use an innovative approach. I will put to use my experience in the private sector and my years as a public servant to make the government of Colorado efficient. This is the challenge I am focused on at the moment,” he concluded.

Short answers

With the recent confirmation of a far-right judge to the nation’s Supreme Court, do you think that women’s reproductive an equality rights as well as those of the LGBTQ community are in danger?

JP: The Supreme Court is a very important check on the power of the president. I am worried if Supreme Court Justices as Justice Greg Kavanaugh feel beholden of this president and are unwilling to stance against him if he tries to do unconstitutional executive actions, like tearing families apart on the border or trying to deport dreamers.

Do you have a specific criticism about your opponent?

JP: He likes to say he doesn’t like my ideas: to bring a whole day preschool and kindergarten; to make college more affordable; to reduce cost of healthcare for small business and individuals; among other. But, he really does no offer ideas on his own for helping people of Colorado. He supported president Trump and president Trump has endorsed him. I believe that Colorado should have an independent approach to take in on this president or any president that might come after the Colorado community of small businesses.

Please respond to a specific critic or statement that your opponent has voiced about you that you believe is not true.

JP: Most of his attacks have been false. The newspapers have called them false. He accused me of not paying taxes. I released my tax returns. I proved that, of course, I pay taxes every year.


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