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Lovey love!

Lovey love!

Lovey love!
January 31
14:28 2019

Eva Reinoso Tejada

Before I get started, I want to wish a happy Valentine’s Day to all our readers, and I will talk today about… LOVE. Everyone talks and tries to explain love in so many different ways. Through poems, or cartoons, or through studies on our brains and how all those chemicals work when we are in love. It is a topic that takes a lot of ink from poets and energies from our lives. We have all probably lived through the different stages of love, from falling in love, to break our hearts, and everything in between.

Romantic relationships can be complicated, and I don’t pretend to be a psychologist. I let mental health professionals to do their thing. I just want to share three ideas that I have come to understand with time. The first idea is that the person that we must love before we love anyone is ourselves. We must not delegate the responsibility of our happiness on others, especially on a partner. We need to be happy first, where we are at, and then we might fall in love, not the other way around. I know it sounds very romantic to hear “You make me sooooo happy!”, when the right thing to say is “I am soooo happy with you!” Why do I say that? Because, when things get rough, we will be tempted to say “You make me sooo unhappy!”, when in reality we should say “I am not happy with you anymore.” It all sounds a lot like wording, but it is far deeper than that. It has to do with where the responsibility for the happiness lays. And I want it to be clear that such responsibility lays on ourselves.

The second idea I wanted to share today refers to choosing the right person to be with. Choosing the people we surround with is a very crucial decision. It includes our partner, our friends, and those who we do business with. These choices will determine our successes and most likely our happiness. The closes that person is to us, the greater their influence will be. We can choose the wrong partner and blame it on “love at first sight”. But if we don’t use a little bit of “brain”, in addition to our “heart” when we choose, we know we might be in trouble. That person will literally become “our other half”, because we will end up sharing everything with that person: The kids, the house, the bed, the bathroom, the closet, the dining table, the bank account, the credit cards and even the flu. That is when it gets interesting.

The third concept I wanted to mention is that we must all enter a long-term relationship with best intentions that it will be until death set us apart. Or in other words, nobody should get married thinking about divorce. However, if when you are getting married, there are “flags” that make you think the relationship might not work, and we decide to press forward, then that is a different story. Also, relationships are like our cars, they need maintenance and work needs to be put on it. We all know that the “magic” of the first months won’t last forever. And we must grow as humans and as a couple to achieve peace with ourselves and of course, happiness. Happy Valentine’s Day!


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