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The real “bad hombres”

The real “bad hombres”

The real “bad hombres”
September 14
15:35 2017

Jesús Sánchez Meleán

Contradictions within the Trump administration don’t cease. A few hours after the grim announcement about DACA, Trump himself, who ordered the butchering of the program, tweeted that he would retake the topic in March of 2018. On the other hand, those in his administration who promoted the decision were inviting the Dreamers to start getting ready to leave the U.S. as soon as possible. Meanwhile, Trump himself said he would take any actions against these young adults in the next 6 months.

It is hard to read the signals sent everyday by the high government of this country. Trump is creating expectations amongst the Dreamers again. After he got elected, he said he would take a DACA decision with his heart. He insisted many times that he liked these young foreigners who grew up in America. But when the time came, Trump ordered the cancelation of the program that protected this group of immigrants. And he delegated the task of making the announcement to Jeff Sessions, Attorney General.

Sessions affirms that the DACA program reflects the “anarchy” and “disrespect” for the law that reigned during the Obama administration. According to Sessions, Obama “abused his authority” when he issued the executive order that created DACA. Then, the big question is: How is Trump going to “review” or “revisit” an executive order that his Attorney General considers unconstitutional?  Listening to Trump and Sessions raises big doubts regarding the true reason why DACA was eliminated.

Trump might be just pleasing a good chunk of his base. He would be fulfilling his promise of “deporting” from the U.S. everyone without an immigration status. He would be pleasing those conservatives who advocate for a reduction in immigration and those who want a “all-white-America.” To “make America great again” means to leave the Dreamers without protection. Sessions’ discourse was consistent with Trump’s promises.

This official qualified DACA as an “amnesty.” This statement is very serious because it implies that these Young adults violated the law. The Attorney General is implying that these minors, who had no say so on their immigration to the U.S. are criminals. Not only that, Sessions insisted that the young Dreamers are taking away jobs from American-born citizens. According to Sessions, unemployment among millennials is caused by the Dreamers.

These affirmations by Sessions are inconsiderate and represent a humongous lie. Sessions is playing the same role that Tomás de Torquemada, Chief Inquisitor, in Spain in 1492, when he announced the expulsion of the “Hispanic Jews,” or Sephardic, from their kingdom. The Chief Inquisitor granted the Sephardic Jews four months to abandon the kingdom. Meanwhile, the “American Torrequemada,” a bit more flexible, has granted Dreamers six months before they will go unprotected.

Sessions, as Torrequemada, is acting as an inquisitor, and he is making the Dreamers into scapegoats for many of the ailments of the American society. This verbal offense by Sessions is irreversible. For as much as Congress passes a law to protect the Dreamers, these immigrants won’t be looked at the same way by some groups in America. Sessions discourse is triggering persecution, segregation and exclusion of the Dreamers. From that, to deportation there is just one small step.

It is unthinkable that Sessions is ignoring all that Dreamers do for this country. Therefore, the meanness of his words has no limit. Sessions and his boss are playing with the lives and the future of about 800 thousand people who are contributing to the future of America. This rhetoric and actions by Sessions and Trump are simply cruel and inhumane. It makes us wonder who are the real “bad hombres” in this story.      


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