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Revenge and Redemption

Revenge and Redemption

Revenge and Redemption
February 28
15:25 2019

I don’t know where to start with this Trump-Cohen thing. I have never hidden the despise I have for Trump, from the day that he came down those escalators and announced his presidential bid by calling Mexicans rapists. Before that, I was actually a fan of his Apprentice show. I wish he had stayed there. Many moons have passed since that day happened, and it just doesn’t get any better. The conversation doesn’t get any better either.

During the several hours I watched on an off as members of Congress interrogated Michael Cohen on a range of topics and issues, it was sickening to see how Republican members of Congress were willingly looking the other way to all the information this man, who was one of Trump’s closest employees, had. They focused on attacking the man, nothing else. It doesn’t matter if they attacked Cohen’s credibility. Even if he only told the truth one out of ten times, new bits of information are now public knowledge, and those bits will create more investigating and more dirt will be stirred around the president. The sun can’t be covered with a finger.

I want to make clear that Mr. Cohen is not on my list of favorite people either. He is a criminal, committed many crimes, confessed to them and will serve time for them, as the law of the land prescribes. But for someone to go out there in public an admit their crimes in front of the world, I think that must take some effort.

Happens that some of his crimes were committed very close to the man who is now the president. He even accused the president of directing him to commit such crimes. And that, together with the fact that at least another handful of crooks are, or will soon be, behind bars, who were also very close to the president, is mind blowing.

I have no doubt that Cohen had a healthy dose of revenge with his appearance and I don’t think he is a saint. What is appalling is that the stories he told, and the statements he made are very much in line with a lot of other facts that have been surrounding the president from day one. As Cohen himself said, he threatened hundreds of people to further his ex-boss’s agendas. No doubt he is probably being threatened at this time for coming out with such a piercing testimony against the president, and not only or necessarily by the president or his people, but maybe by many followers who just don’t want anyone to come out with unfavorable information about their man.

I believe Cohen is a bad guy, just as his ex-boss. But he went out there and publicly accepted his wrongdoings, contrite and defeated. He also issued a serious warning regarding the man with whom he spent more than a decade as an accomplice: Trump is a bad and selfish man, a racist, a danger to our democracy, and a person who doesn’t uphold the values of the United States of America. The irony is that I, and millions of people, have been saying the same thing for a long time, and we didn’t need to go through so much hustle. I just feel I needed to say, I told you so.


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