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Stop demonizing immigrants!

Stop demonizing immigrants!

Stop demonizing immigrants!
April 25
15:25 2019

Stop demonizing immigrants!

Eva Reinoso Tejada

The other day I saw my Facebook friend Laura posting something like “Congress just approved a law for all illegals to vote.” The post had one of those colorful backgrounds that could be hearts, laughing emojis, or the little poop emojis. She chose the poop emojis. Laura is a conservative woman who is also very opinionated and funny like nobody else. I know her personally and always have a blast around her.

But I think Laura was out of line on this one. My first reaction was: What law is that? How is that possible? It can’t be! That is wrong! Then I started reading the comments from other people under her post, and one very patient gentleman was calling it on her: “You are spreading misinformation.” That is when I realized she was referring to the law passed by local congress to increase the number of DMV offices that can issue Driver’s Licenses and IDs for immigrants who can’t demonstrate their legal status. Those licenses are not a new thing. They already being issued, and the expansion under this law will basically fix the problem of the wait time, and will allow for more undocumented immigrants to receive MARKED licenses. With those licenses, they will be able to buy car insurance and to be tracked down in case of an accident or traffic incident. These licenses have a black bar that says: “NOT VALID FOR FEDERAL IDENTIFICATION, VOTING OR PUBLIC BENEFIT PURPOSES”. I think it is very clear what this ID is good for, but even more, what it is not good for.

What really made me mad is that some people were commenting on Laura’s wall with true desperation, because they believed what she wrote, as she wrote it. And that is wrong. Laura is a Hispanic immigrant, like me, and she is fostering fear amongst people who are not immigrants or who are less informed about immigrant affairs. She is making people hate immigrants based on misleading information, and that is wrong.

I decided to go for a nap to ease my frustrations and two hours later came back up to face Laura. I told her: “What are you trying to achieve with this? Do you have a political agenda? Are you trying to advance your conservative agenda by lying and scaring people? Why are you intentionally misleading people when you know what you wrote is a lie? Why don’t you talk about the good things your president is doing, instead of attacking immigrants? Aren’t you an immigrant too? Have you ever been discriminated? Do you know how much it hurts when you are humiliated for having an accent when speaking English, being darker or having a last name that ends in “ez”? Have you forgotten how you came to this country? Do you understand that what you are doing affects ALL immigrants and not only undocumented immigrants? And I went on and on. I was so furious with Laura. Until my phone rang, and I abruptly woke up from my scary dream.

That’s right. I never called her. I would have never done that. To be honest, I am a chicken. But I am grateful I have this space to vent. And in the end, I like Laura for all other virtues I know of her. And, I don’t know if my dream was a dream or a reality in a parallel universe, but when I went back on Facebook to check on her post, I couldn’t find it anymore. Maybe she reconsidered.


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