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The road to change

The road to change

The road to change
June 07
16:03 2018

Jesus Sanchez Melean

About 20 students who survived the Parkland, Florida school massacre, will begin a bus tour on June 15th. It won’t be a summer vacation to try to heal their traumas on the beach. It is actually a much more adult and serious effort by this group of youngsters. They are planning in visiting 50 cities in 20 states, including Texas, California, Missouri, South Carolina and Connecticut. The itinerary also includes all 27 electoral districts in Florida.

Cameron Kasby, one of the participants, assured that he and his classmates will spend the night in cities where the National Rifle Association (NRA) has the most influence. Also, the itinerary includes a group of cities with a high rate of gun violence, like Chicago, for example. These students want to encourage other young adults to register to vote. And they want those new voters to reject current legislators who receive money from the NRA.

During the two months this trip will take, these students hope that many more voters become aware of the importance of their vote on these midterm elections. “During the past midterms, participation was the lowest since WWII,” explained Kasby lamenting that people don’t realize how important their vote is. This student wants other fellow students to hold lawmakers accountable for their support of those opposing gun control.

These students have decided to invest their summer time in politics. Or, as said by communicator Ruh Limbaugh, these students are taking advantage of the tragedy that took place at their school to favor a political cause. Limbaugh pointed out that Democrats have wasted two decades asking for gun control every time there is a school massacre. Limbaugh doesn’t like the fact that Democrats attack the NRA, and the fact that they are not calling to make schools safer places.

Limbaugh believes that schools will only be safe when prejudice against increased protection in schools is eliminated. He said “We have armed security at virtually every public entity in this country, except schools. For some reason, they are a gun-free zone and everybody that wants to shoot up a school knows that they are going to be the only one armed.” Limbaugh has a point of view that widely differs to that of the Parkland students.

For Limbaugh, the solution is that more people carry guns. Meanwhile, students want rules to control guns. In short, Limbaugh believes that the students are being manipulated by the Democrats. I disagree. The same way this communicator has the right to express his points of view, I believe these students, who are men and women of voting age, can take action that create political consequences. It is unfair to criticize them.

I think these students are being criticized for acting like adults. They are brave. They have good critical thinking skills. And most of all, they dominate the social networks. I can bet that many of the visible faces of this movement are capable of being as or even more scathing and critical than Trump himself. These young adults succeeded in their quest to bring the discussion of gun control to a level never seen before February 2018.

At the recent graduation ceremony at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, Jimmy Fallon said: “You took something horrific and instead of letting it stop you, you started a movement. Not just here in Florida, not just in America, but throughout the whole world. The whole world has heard your voice, and that was you making a choice. That was you choosing to take something awful and using it to create change. That was you choosing hope over fear.” I wish the best future for these kids. They are on the right track.   


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