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The [surreal] Royal Wedding

The [surreal] Royal Wedding

The [surreal] Royal Wedding
May 24
14:02 2018

Eva Reinoso Tejada

I’ve been a royal wedding junkie since childhood. With my family being originally from Spain, and having spent many summers there, I can’t forget going to the newsstands and getting the HOLA! magazines and enjoying all the pictures and details of all the European royal weddings. These types of events do seem like a momentary dream, very far from our daily realities. Everything is perfectly choreographed, and there is not one wrinkle in anyone’s dress. Then, when the big event is over, and all the news outlets fade out of talking about it and going back to the grim of everyday news, the magazine goes on the bathroom rack, and it is all back to normal.

It will probably happen again this time, but, the footprint of this wedding is different. It goes farther. The union of Prince Harry and American actress Meghan Markle mark a before and after, and it is a positive one. It is not a secret that all royal families maintain a strict protocol on marriage, who they marry, what is appropriate, and what is not. Princess Diana broke the mold and became a favorite of the people by showing that “royals were people too.” She showed compassion and qualities that fostered a strong connection with the people who followed her. Soo followed she was, that she had a premature death, that is attributed to such fame and people’s fanaticism, and which fueled an even fiercer devotion for her memory. I wont forget that the same year she died, so did Mother Theresa, and my dad, and my son was born.

Meghan Markel, or the new Duchess of Sussex, was already a public figure before her relationship with Harry was revealed to the world. She is known for her acting career (could never miss an episode of ‘Suits’), for her humanitarian work, but mostly for being a strong feminist woman. Since her youth, she noticed what most of us accept as normal, which is the systematic discrimination of women in every day situations. When she sent that letter to Procter and Gamble, when she was 11 years old, questioning why the company had a commercial that said, “Women across America are fighting grease with our product,” she started crafting a strong footprint. Yes, an 11-year-old was bothered by the assumption that women were the ones who had to fight the grease.

Markel brings a revolution and a breath of fresh air to the British royal family. She also brings an African American pastor to her wedding, who opens his sermon quoting Martin Luther King, and an African American church choir that sings “Stand by me” with soul and passion. She also walks the isle on her own, after her father suddenly falls ill and is not able to attend the big day. And she wears a very quiet dress that makes her demeanor and beauty even louder.

Many messages of hope, compassion, and faith in human kind were seen at this royal wedding. It was a worldwide uplifting event. Something much needed in these times of intolerance and toxic news. And the best part is that for the best part of 24 hours, we were able to take a break from the negativity of ‘Trumpy’ news. That was priceless.


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