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The true victory

The true victory

The true victory
November 08
12:57 2018

Four years ago, I wrote a column titled “Election Hangover”. It was the midterms of 2014, during the second term of President Obama. At that time, the president and his party had suffered a crushing defeat, losing an outrageous loss of seats at the U.S. Senate, with the House of Representatives already with a Republican majority. We were hoping then for immigration reform, remember those times?

It is fair to say that a lot has changed in four years. After this week’s midterm, the House of Representatives changed from a Republican to a Democratic majority, and the Senate became a stronger Republican stronghold, as more seats were picked up. The president campaigned to his base states, featuring aggressive and racist ads and attacks to immigrants. His hard work paid off. He saved the races he wanted to save. And he condemned the moderate Republican candidates who lost, attributing that loss to the fact that they didn’t ‘embrace him’. He is right. Moderate Republicans did bad through the country, most likely as a retaliation and reaction to the president’s rhetoric.

Now the House is in the hands of the Democratic party, giving the ongoing Muller investigation on the Russia meddling of the 2016 presidential election a better chance to survive and be completed. But not so fast… The day after the election, Trump fired Jeff Sessions, who could be replaced by someone that might one way or another stop or diminish the scope and even the completion of the investigation. I guess this year we are talking about a new kind of hangover.

However, positive things happened, and there were a lot of “first”. The youngest woman got elected to congress, and she is a Latina (Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez); the first black woman House member from Massachusetts was elected (Ayanna Pressley); first two Muslim congresswomen (Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar); first openly gay man was elected for governor (Jared Polis, Colorado); first Native American congresswomen (Sharice Davids and Deb Haaland); first female senator from Tennessee (Marsha Blackburn); first female governor of Maine (Janet Mills); first congresswoman from Iowa (Abby Finkenauer); first black congresswoman from Connecticut (Jahana Hayes); first Latina congresswomen from Texas (Veronica Escobar and Sylvia Garcia); first Latina governor in New Mexico (Michelle Lujan-Grisham). I might even be forgetting to mention some. And, last but not least, for the first time in the history of this country, more than 100 women will serve at the House of Representatives.

As you can see, despite the signature rhetoric of hate and fear mongering that the president uses, and the success that such strategy has had, the United States of America as a country, embraced diversity, embraced women, embraced inclusion. And I think that is a true victory for all. The next victory, or I should say, the next wish, or even the next dream, would be to recover decency and respect in politics, that has been so off-key in the past three years, since Trump entered the business of politics.

In the midst of all these events, I came across this inspiring post on social media, written by a local Republican leader, a few hours before the election: “Regardless of today’s outcome, I pray that we in Colorado will respond with grace and humility as examples to others across the nation. If we win, may we be humbled by the opportunity to lead and govern, seek and apply wisdom, and be resolved to use the opportunity to defend freedom and better the lives of all our citizens. Should we lose, let’s be resolved to learn, work, and correct as loyal opposition. Being civil does not require abandoning beliefs or principles, but it does require overcoming our base desires for revenge or aggrandizement. Do unto others…”. Thank you, I couldn’t agree more.


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