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April 12
17:45 2018

In a sea of tumultuous news, when you don’t really want to read or listen or watch any of them, I went down a Twitter hole under the hashtag #WednesdayWisdom. For those of you who are Twitter regulars, you’ve probably seen #MondayMotivation #WednesdayWisdom and #FridatFeeling. When any of these are trending on such days, anything could be attached to them. In many cases people use them to circulate their Tweets a bit better, regardless if their content has anything to do with the hashtag itself. But today was different. I actually found some good #WednesdayWisdom and thought it would be interesting to share.

Starting from good to best, I came across a tweet from Republican Senator Rand Paul addressing the president, where he says, “Promising war by tweet, insults not only the Constitution but every soldier who puts their life on the line.” I suppose this one is self-explanatory. Would you really give a heads up to your enemy right before you are getting ready to attack? In my right state of mind, probably not, but who am I to give an opinion on something as grandiose as a war? 

In the same tone, I found the next bit of wisdom, which made me laugh. It goes like this: “Innocent people don’t freak out when they are being investigated. Smart people don’t tell people they are smart. Real Presidents don’t tweet military plans ahead of time. Good people don’t cheat on their wife with porn stars.” Also, pretty true and obvious. I would add: “Tell me what you brag about, and I will tell you what you lack of.”

Although all those tweets were fun to read and discuss, I don’t truly think they reflect wisdom. They actually mock stupidity. I decided then to get a little more selective on what is considered to be wisdom and found this jewel: “Before you waste it on anger, resentment, spite or envy, think of how precious and irreplaceable you time is.” This one got to me. For all the minutes or even hours I might be worried about the world, the future, people, and justice, I might as well be making my bed, or keeping my laundry caught up. I could also be doing research, learning something new, helping others in need. Worrying and being angry doesn’t take anyone anywhere, unless some sort of action is taken, even in small scales.

And then I got a hold of the crown jewel. This tweet was quoted from an 18-year-old by the name of Yeshna. It had originally been published by, an arm of Unicef created in 1995 as a platform for young people to learn more about issues affecting their world. Today, this website is a community of young bloggers from all over the world, who offer their opinion in a variety of topics. The quote says: “Instead of bashing what we hate, why don’t we just promote what we love?”

Now, that is wisdom. It definitely aligns with all the things we hear about the “Law of Attraction.” And it is even wiser to find out that a person of such young age wrote it. We could all learn from that. We probably agree with what it says, and practice it from time to time, but succumb to hate and despair when things don’t go how we wish they did in our lives. Today, my mission, and your challenge, is to live by that quote, one day at a time, even when it seems as if the world is collapsing in front of us.


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